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Inspection Equipment & System

  1. UTM: Mechanical/Physical Testing
    • Tensile: To obtain the mechanical properties of finished tubes & pipes and testing for flaring, flange test, flattening, reverse flatting, reverse bending.
    • Flattening Test: This test is conducted to check the strength of the welded section subjecting it to extreme compression stress.
    • Flaring Test: The test is conducted to establish the forming behaviour of pipes & tubes which are expanded to certain degree.
    • Flange: The test is considered passed if the outer diameter of the flange reaches the value defined in the specification standards without crack formations in the welded tube.
    • Reverse Bend: To ensures full ductility of the tubes, as well as tests the weld and the base metal strength by stretching the material to its physical endurance limit.

  2. Chemical Analysis

    PMI XRF Mobile spectrometers (PMI testing Machine) XRF PMI is a non-destructive semi-quantitative method that determines the chemical composition of a material.

  3. Hardness Test

    The hardness is the ability of a material to resist the pressing of a harder material into its surface. According to different test methods and adaptation range, pipe hardness has different units, brinell hardness is one of them.

  4. Metallurgical Micro Scope

    Involves grain structure examination as per specification. Optical Microscope • Etching Test • Feritscope.

  5. Leak Test

    Hydrostatic: Hydro Testing – SS Straight Tubes and Pipes – 100% hydrostatic testing is carried out according to ASTM A450 & 530 & ASTM –A1016 norms to check tubes for leakage. Hydrotesting of pipes, pipelines and vessel is performed to expose defective material that have missed prior detection, ensure that any remaining defective are insignificant enough to allow operation at design pressures, expose possible leaks and serve as a final validation of the insight of the constructed system.

  6. Double Disk Grinding

    Single 200 mm diameter disc polisher with variable speed facility for polishing of test pcs.

  7. Dial Vernier Calliper

    Measure diameter & thickness of the tubes & pipe.

  8. Surface Condition

    Roughness Tester Glossmeter: Test is Carried out for measuring roughness of the tube & pipe for outer surface.