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The reigns of Inoxium Tubi are held by descendants’ of the Khawaja family, whose proficiency in the trade can be traced back to over a 140 years. What more decisive factor would one require to gauge the credibility of a company with such a rich Legacy? Mr. Waqas Khawaja, an MBA from University of Westminster, U.K., have given the company a new boost by putting in all his knowledge that he gained from his exceptional student career which peaked during his degree of MBA from London.

Mr. Khurram Khawaja, a Commercial pilot by profession, has induced all the precision, sophistication and accuracy of the cockpit in the company’s management structure and has taken the company’s professionalism to an altitude where it is on a smooth and silk cruise with all its customers on board feeling as safe as heaven.

In UAE, the company started operation 30 years ago in 1993 and have established as the most reputable and dependable suppliers of Stainless Steel products.